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Hello, I am Janel Matthias, photographer and owner of Soulful Images Boudoir Photography. I specialize in boudoir photography for individuals, couples, and bachelorette/ladies parties.

I started Soulful Images Photography in 2001, when I was inspired by my friend’s pregnant and beautiful bellies. From there I began photographing their babies, families, and next thing you know, almost every life event imaginable!

I started boudoir photography when many of my female clients wanted to do something “special”, for their significant others. Since then, I have been making clients feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed during their shoot. They walk away feeling excited and empowered from their boudoir experience and are pleasantly surprised by their heightened and enlightened confidence within. I want to encourage women of all shapes and ages, to experience and embrace their femininity, and shed their inhibitions about what sensuality should or shouldn’t be.

Click here, for more information on my other photography options other than boudoir. I look forward to working with you to capture moments which will be treasured forever.

Individual Boudoir Sessions

Every person should have the choice to celebrate their femininity, without feeling ashamed about their body type, age, race, or sexual preferences. Therefore, a boudoir photo shoot can be the perfect choice to portray one’s femininity. Because it’s a choice, it’s empowering, one can embrace it, to a point where you are enlightened from the experience.

I feel a Soulful Images Boudoir shoot, can alter a person, by letting them experience their sensual side in a way they have never experienced before! There are so many different nuances to femininity, and therefore, you, the subject, get to decide how to express it through your personalized photo shoot.

With my guidance and posing skills, I will create the perfect shoot for you. Whether you want subtle, sensual beauty, or want to show off a little more, I will capture your femininity and the many nuances which go along with it.

Not only will you come away from the boudoir shoot with amazing photos, you will also come away with an experience that is unforgettable! Soulful Images Boudoir shoots are fun and empowering! My hope is for you to discover some hidden facets of your femininity, forgotten or newly discovered……truly enlightening!

Couples Boudoir Sessions

Boudoir is not just for the individual to experience, but for couples also! To capture your love story in photographs, can be one of the most memorable photo shoots a couple will ever do! To have this set time together, to create memories, is a bonding experience for partners to connect and delve into nuances and facets of their relationship, which may have never been visited before!

Imagine looking at your album with your sweetie 40 years later, and remembering the experience you both shared… back in the day! I know you both will be so happy you have these memories forever!

Party Boudoir Sessions

Soulful Images specializes in boudoir parties, which are classy and fun for women of all ages! Boudoir parties are great for celebrating a bachelorette party, girl’s night out, birthdays, holidays, or a new you. We have boudoir party packages and experiences for most budgets, so you and your entourage can create the perfect party!

Empowering women and couples through boudoir photography

Basic photo enhancement and simple edits are always included in your base price.  The way I pose and manipulate lighting is my preferred way of showing your natural beauty, rather than extreme editing.  More detailed editing  ranges from $15-$25 per image.

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